Embrace your computer problems.
100% cotton, 200% error
No jokes, no logos, just errors.
$16.95 + shipping. You'll love it.

Do you love a T-shirt that displays a witticism clearly defining the wearer as both King of the Cubicle and/or Captain of Kitsch?

Have you developed a fear of error messages, and would you love a chance to reclaim the computer's power over you?

Are you sick of all your geek T's being oversized, overwashed, and overpriced?

Want to make a big splash at the next Def Con? LAN Party? Office meeting?

Do you work in tech support? Have you ever used Windows for even a brief moment?

Be the envy of anyone who has ever crashed.

6 dollars

6 dollars

Yes, this is where you can get Roy's broken Pacman shirt, as seen on The IT Crowd, episode 4 of the Channel 4 show, "The Red Door":

If your photo goes into the CUSTOMER PHOTOS gallery, you win a t-shirt. Submit yours to chris@errorwear.com today, or link it to us on Facebook. Or Twitter I guess.